2014 Cometh and That Right Soon..

Conservatives in America have before themselves a historic opportunity. In this country, we conservatives are facing something that hasn’t happened in two decades, maybe longer: the chance to take firm control of both houses of Congress and steamroll our way into the White House. The only thing standing in our way.. is us.

At a time when Barack Obama’s approval ratings are at such a low due to scandal, failed policies and empty politicizing that he’s become the literal millstone around the necks of the entire Democrat party, we have Chris Christie and Rand Paul picking ridiculous fights within their own party. This distracts from the very real problems that would bring the Left down on top of itself, if we would only let it fall.

Chris Christie wants to be president. Rand Paul wants to be president. Ted Cruz hopefully wants to be president. And you know what? They ALL can be. Americans on both sides of the aisle and from all walks of life are so sick of being poisoned by empty rhetoric and bald-faced lies that they are ready for a complete changing of the guard. No matter what Media Matters or MSNBC may tell you, Barack Obama hasn’t just left the bar on the ground, he’s buried it. Now, seeing as he’s left the standard of the Presidency lower than Carter ever dreamed, Obama should be easily replaced by our best and brightest, one right after another. The American people have never had it so bad and they’re finally willing to do anything to ease their pain, even if that means handing this country back to the Republicans. We are at the precipice of a hundred year reign of conservative values and all we need to do is jump.

However, when Benghazi, the IRS and NSA scandals give the GOP every trump card in the deck, they are throwing the game by leaving the table before the last hand has been played. Why, when given the opportunity to handcuff Obama and send him to timeout for the next three years, would so many in the GOP decide to put their own party in shackles?

When liberals are showing themselves to be protective of liberalism and not black people, as Breitbart said, the GOP should be tripping over themselves to put men and women like Allen West and Mia Love at the forefront of their movement. Instead, these wonderful voices are ignored by the likes of Karl Rove, in order to push a tired agenda that’s worn so thin, it’s as threadbare as the Emperor’s clothes themselves.

We live in the day when the Democrats have already registered all of the voters that they possibly can. It’s a fact that Unions in this country routinely call their members to ask if any in their household have recently come of voting age. It is also a fact that these newly minted voters are encouraged to register under the “D”. The now defunct ACORN operated in this way, as does the very real OFA at present time. This can only mean one thing: the Left has reached the end of its rope and they know it. They’ve drawn as deeply from the well as they possibly can, for now, and must turn even more aggressively to the arenas of academia and social media in order to recruit followers.

If these things are true, how then are these people keeping conservatives out of the White House and the Senate? The Left can only win such victories if the GOP and the Right are complicit in their own defeat. In 2012, Republicans lost their shot at regaining the White House by less than five million votes. They literally lost by less than 4% of the popular vote! How many GOP voters were disenfranchised and stayed home? If one believes that those on the Right outweigh those on the Left in this country, the answer is millions. Millions who could have and would have made all the difference.

The Left and the Democrats are sleek, aggressive and tactical. The GOP on the other hand has become fat, happy and complacent. They’ve failed to realize that they are their own biggest enemy. They’ve failed to understand that they are truly the gentle giant, allowing themselves to be bullied by the pipsqueak on the playground. The GOP has allowed infighting and jealously to become the modus operandi and in doing so, they’ve splintered their own base.

The Left cannot win in the arena of ideas, nor in the implementation of them. It’s high time that GOP leadership recognizes this and hits back. It’s time to attack the Left on their own turf and take the fight to their doorstep. This is the #War that Breitbart spoke of.. and it is time to engage the enemy, instead of one another.

It’s time to dethrone the king and take the seat at the head of his table, inviting all of America to sit with us. As conservatives, we now have the very unique opportunity to show ourselves to be the true champions of inclusion. The Left is finally turning on itself and they are finally eating their own. Mind you, they never ever do this. They are Socrates, holding aloft a more than lethal dose of hemlock and we’re slapping the chalice from their hands at the last moment, by fighting one another.

When the results don’t match the rhetoric, something has to give. That something is the liberal stranglehold our country has found itself in for the past twenty years. The time to unite is now. We can take this country back and usher in a new age of American prosperity and security, but we must strike while the iron is hot. It’s time to unite. It’s time for #War.


One response to “2014 Cometh and That Right Soon..

  1. Congratulations on a fine piece of writing. Although there are several points I could contend I do appreciate the vigor that seems to enliven your proverbial pen. We need more everyday Americans to step up. And you’ve certainly helped to provide some of the necessary motivation.

    At this point allow me to offer a few questions which can be addressed now or used as fodder for additional blog entries.

    How do you define conservative values?
    How shall we deal with GOP leadership?

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